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Here is what Paula has to say about Prismaglass: "The Prismaglass concept was inspired by a type of glass seen often in contemporary kaleidoscopes called Dichroic Glass. This unique glass reflects different colors depending on the angle at which the light hits it. (That's because it is created by a vacuum process that deposits multiple layers of metals onto the surface of glass. The glass manipulates light by transmitting one color through the glass while a second color is reflected from the surface.) I'm always searching for allover fabrics that emulate the characteristics of dichroic glass or render a sense of luminosity and translucence. These help evoke the crystalline nature of a scope. Prismaglass is intended to be an easy fabric to blend with adjacent prints and create seamless connections. I never use true solids. They function like visual periods, arresting and halting the action, while allovers like the Prismaglass collection keep the design moving."

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PR154 Rafia Prismaglass


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