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When you need the look of a solid but want just a hint of depth, these tone-on-tones or almost solid pieces will fill the bill!

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MS314 Butterfly Blush - FAT QUARTER

SU01 Olive Suede

JB02 Milan Rose Lace

SU02 Mist Suede

C1880 Daisy Tonal Green

C1984 Owly Blue

C2032 Yam

C2040 Berry

JB03 Milan Rust Bramble

SU03 Lilac Suede

C1873 Violet Rose Whisper

JB04 Milan Slate Lace

SU04 Bone Suede

C2034 Crackle Deep Red

C2042 (MG298) Turquoise

JB05 Milan Denim Crinkle

SU05 Hunter Green Suede

SU06 Navy Suede

SU07 Concrete Suede

WL06 Pumpkin Swirls

DZ07 Dazzle Dots Espresso

JB05 Milan Denim Crinkle FAT QUARTER

Dazzle Dots Antique Gold

C1870 Registre Gris

Dazzle Dots Lime

SU10 Soft Mint Suede

MS271 Lilac Bear Essentials

H1893 Tiny Triangles Lime

MG13 Rum Raisin

C1876 Petal Pushers Yellow

SU14 Brick Red Suede

MG15 Chiffon

SU15 Burnt Orange Suede

MS258 Watermark Lemonade

SU16 Suede - Tan

SU17 Suede - Chocolate

MG18 Sateen

SU18 Suede - Lemon

SU19 Butter Suede

MG20 Poplin

MS308 Dark Olive Tonal - 13" Left

SU21 Gray Taupe Suede

MG22 Lustra

SU22 Barely There Pink Suede

SU23 Taupe Suede

SU24 Vanilla Suede

SU26 Eggshell Suede

SES05 Joyful Blooms Violet

SU27 Mango Suede

SU28 Light Fern Suede

SU29 Burgundy Suede

SU30 Grape Suede

SU31 Denim Blue Suede

SU34 Mint Blue Green Suede

SU35 Red Suede

SEP08 Beige Ironwork

SU36 Eggplant Suede

SEP10 Tea Dye John Hancock

SU37 Sky Blue Suede

SU38 Light Green Suede

SU39 Kelly Green Suede

SU40M Holiday Red Suede with Gold Metallic

SR264 Dusty Sage Squares

SU41M Ecru Suede with Gold Metallic

SR266 Pale Eggplant Rectangles

SU42M Holiday Green Suede with Gold Metallic

SR267 Dusty Teal Ovals

SR268 Dusty Purple Rhombus

SR271 Crescent Circle Sage

SEH14 Halloween Jack Charcoal

SEH13 Halloween Jack Pumpkin

MG54 Brown

SEH12 Halloween Jack Gold

MG57 Juniper

MG58 White

MG60 Blue

MG61 Dauphine

NE03 Beige Basket Weave - 1 1/4yd Left!

MG63 Rouge

MG64 Duchess

MG66 Decadent

MG71 Essence

MG72 Sweetie

MG73 Charmed

MG74 Romance

MG75 Milk Chocolate

B78 Blue Tonal

MG81 Sugar Cookies

MG82 Maraschino Cherry

MG83 Spearmint

MG84 Avalanche

MG85 Winter Mint

MG89 Hot Cocoa

MG91 Vanilla

MG92 Lemon Grass

CW21 Code Keepers Pixilation

CW23 Chocolate Hearts

MG98 Sea Foam

MG99 Onyx

MG103 Kraft

AND12 Dazzle Umbrella

QT11 Black on Black Daisy

QT12 White on White Daisy

MG113 Fandango

MG115 Elafin

MG116 Fur

BEG10 Abundance Star Purple

BEG12 Abundance Green Fleur

CN02 Chocolate and Cream Canvas

CW26 Impressions Moire Rich Cream

MS283 William - Charcoal

MG139 Radish

MG151 Red

MG154 Aqua

MG155 Mint

MG160 Cream

MG162 Tan

KS19 Fleurish Lime Stripe

MG165 Black Dress

CW35 Stormy Gray Dot

C1711 Shadow Cats Black

MS294 Shadow Cats Red

MS345 Fade Black Leaves - 29" left

RK288 Facets

RK290 Ombre Check

DT05 Embossed October Leaf

DT08 Embossed Leaves Amazon

MG218 Sky

MG221 Sapphire

MG225 Navy

MG226 Pool

MG228 Ocean

MG229 Jade

MG230 Peacock

MG232 Kelly Green

MG239 Grape

MG243 Plum

MG245 Eggplant

MG248 Blush

MG249 Rose

MG250 Salmon

MG253 Raspberry

TS04 Studio Stash Basil

MG254 Flamingo

TS08 Studio Stash Cinnamon

MG260 Yellow Gold

MG261 Papaya

MG263 Tangerine

MG265 Cherry

MG266 Evergreen

H1992 Dotted Tonal Dusty Blue

MG272 Rouge

MG273 Moutarde

MG274 Vert

MG275 Bleu

MG277 Gris Fonce

MG278 Gris

MG281 Sunflower

MG282 Mustard

MG284 Clementine

MG285 Pumpkin

MG286 Ballet Slipper

MG290 Geranium

MG292 Freesia

MG293 Periwinkle

MG294 Hyacinth

RK294 Impressionist Gold - 11" Left

MG295 Purple

MG296 Wine

MG297 Burgundy

RK298 Sage Brushstroke

MG299 Bright Sky

MG300 Royal

MM26 Michael Miller Onyx Marble

RK300 Impressionist Wheat

MD37 Crackle Olive Green

MG301 Sea

WH01 Whisper Olive

MG302 New Navy

WH02 Whisper Hunter Green

MG303 Key Lime

MG304 Kiwi

MG305 Jade

WH05 Whisper Gold Green

MG306 Horizon Blue

MG307 Prussia Blue

KM29 Amber Waves

MG308 Christmas Green

MG309 Lead

MG310 Expresso

SS42 Sun Stone Medium Green

MG311 Cinnabar

MD34 Crackle Ivory

MG312 Husk

MD36 Crackle Chocolate

MG314 Tori

MD38 Crackle Slate Blue

MD40 Crackle Black

SS81 Sun Stone Fuchsia

MG322 Russet Orange

MG323 Papaya Punch

NE25 Butter Churn Poppy

MG325 Apple Blossom

MG327 Calypso Coral

MG328 Paradise Pink

MG329 Teaberry

MG331 Rapture Rose

MG332 Rocacco

MG333 Mineral Rose

MG334 Beet Red

MG335 Boysenberry

MG337 Aruba

MG338 Jade Cream

MG339 Fern

MG340 Amazon

MG342 Bachelor

MG343 Saxony

MG344 Cactus

MG345 Olive Branch

MG346 Wren

MG347 Powder Blue

MG348 Heritage

MG350 Delft

MG351 Surf The Web

MG352 Regatta

MG355 Excalibar

MG365 Scarlet

MG366 Forest

MG372 Maven

MG373 Maven

MG379 Fig

RK286 Fusions Bloom Daffodil

MG387 Faded Denim

MG395 Dried Herb

MG397 Maple Sugar

MG398 Acorn

TK01 Tokyo Tan

ST27 Stonehenge Team Spirit Bronco Orange

MG405 Cordavan

MG406 Clear Water

MG410 Cabbage

MG412 Lime Patch

MG416 Bison

MG418 Silver

MG421 Butterscotch

MG424 Cantaloupe

MG425 Peach Nectar

SS42 Sun Stone Medium Green

FD11 Skylights Thunder

CX09 Caramel Complexion - Mocha

RW02 Patchwork Garden Ruby Red

C1802 Violet Rain

MS314 Butterfly Blush


SU33 Light Blue Suede - FAT QUARTER

SU31 Denim Blue Suede FAT QUARTER

The Lorax in Grinch Green

Moda Grunge Red Fabric Pack

Moda Grunge Teal Fabric Pack

Moda Grunge Yellow Fabric Pack

Moda Grunge Green Fabric Pack

Moda Grunge Blue Fabric Pack

Baby31 Safari Sweet Bushes - Orange

FS12 Elephant Diety

IN08 Indigo Owl - 6 1/2 yds left

RJR129 Pocketful of Daisies Mint


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