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Fossil Fern Fabric Status & History

Fossil Fern fabric by Benartex has been in production for nearly 20 years, beginning in 1996 with 37 colors. By 2006 there were 160 colors. However in 2012 Benartex began the process of reducing the number of colors offered to 100 colors. We still continue to carry as many colors of Fossil Fern as Benartex has in supply, and currently have over 100 colors.

The subtle change of color and scale make it beautiful in piecing or applique. We are just as committed today as ever.

The Benartex style number for this line is 528 followed by a color number(s) or letter(s) (or a combination). However if you are trying to match a piece you have, we strongly recommend that you send us a sample of the Fossil Fern fabric you wish to match, it is just too difficult to do online. Some of the color variations are just too subtle to see.

To search for a particular color in our Online Catalog, we have our own numbering system beginning with FN, but we do use the Benartex color names. If you don't find the color you're looking for, you should call us, 208.345.5567; or email us, cotton@cottonclub.com, and let us check for sure. And again, if you are trying to match a color, the best way is to send a sample along with a phone number and/or email. We seem to nearly always have what people need. If we don't have enough of a particular color, it is only a short time before we have it back in stock.

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