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Serenity/Daiwabo & Lecien Fabrics

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Serenity is a joint effort between E.E. Schenck and Daiwabo to bring exquisite ethnic Japanese fabrics into the quilter's realm. The soft earthy colors will work for any quilt and decor. Also, EE Schenck brings to us fabric from Lecien, another fabulous Japanese fabric manufacturer and a favorite of Yoko Saito.

Serenity Fronds Fabric Pack
5 Colors!

Feathery Fronds was introduced in Serenity I. Although the pattern was once discontinued, a number were reintroduced by popular demand and now new colors are being introuced. Paula Nadelstern loves these fabric for Kaleidoscope blocks because of their symmetry. The rich colors and subtle pattern repeat lenghtwise every 12" and 4 times across the width of the fabric.

Choose your size and enjoy them all! Because of our commitment to Serenity and to Kaleidoscope fabrics, we will keep these in Open Stock as long as they are available, so audition for color and order more as needed.

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Ref # FP_SerFrond

Fat Quarter Pack of 5 Feathery Fronds ea $16.90
Regular Quarter pack of 5 Feathery Fronds ea $15.40
Half Yards of 5 Feathery Fronds ea $30.15
Yards of 5 Feathery Fronds ea $58.99

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