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Hoffman Bali Batik Prints

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Bali Batik prints from Hoffman California Fabrics.

3" x 5" scan of 8 1/2" x 14" fabric

HB108 Faux Finial
Black Batik

Faux Finial Black Batik from Hoffman features a motif that resembles a design on top of a column or finial. It even looks as if it should be placed onto a French Royal Banner. It is a large ornate design measuring 7 1/2" long and 5 3/4" wide. The repeat is also 7 1/2". It is directional running from selvage to selvage, however the nature of the design is such that it can appear to be an all around design as well if cut up into small pieces.

The motif is slightly mottled very light silver (almost white) set against a very dark and rich black background.

Ref # HB108

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