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The Borders
The Final Step

All right, assuming you've all kept up - this is the final step in the Mystery Shuffle - adding the flying geese borders as well as an additional border if you wish. With all borders added, your quilt should measure 60" x 68 1/2" unfinished.

Again our apologies in the lateness of this final step, sadly it could not be helped.

You have until April 19 to download this FREE and final step. If you have missed other blocks (remember you can always duplicate blocks too if you wish) or steps, we will make them available to you towards the end of May. There will be a small cost associated with it (cost of printing).

You will need to download 2 pages. One, Flying Geese Assembly, shows you how to assemble the flying geese border, the other page, the Border, shows you the border. In the pictures you might notice that it appears the end border is made up of several different fabrics and colors. Truthfully we saw the original quilt. And in our humble opinion we thought it looked quite messy - haha. So as we tend to do, we opted to change it :) Therefore we selected a neutral color for the borders, etc. So just cut 6" strips like you would usually do for a border. Our fabric choice was available in February's step - Assembling the Body. However we are making it available again for you if you did not opt to purchase it last time. Our fabric choice Moda's Ivory Crackle:

Remember you have until April 25 to download these 2 pages of final instructions. Oh additionally the binding is, well your choice - maybe make a binding using all the scraps you have left from this quilt. Or purchase an additional 5/8 yds of the Ivory Crackle.

Instructions will be made available again sometime late May for a small fee.

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MD34 Ivory Crackle - setting triangles & border, 3 3/4 yds ea $40.10
MD34 Ivory Crackle for binding, 5/8 yds ea $6.70

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Flying Geese Border

Assembling the Blocks

The Borders
The Final Step

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