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Block 25
Block 25 was put together by Bonnie and Camille.

Love those Flying Geese! Y'all are getting some great practice in this quilt putting them together.

Tips 'n Tricks:

•In this block you will make the Flying Geese using the Easy Corner Triangles as noted by the pin symbol (as shown below in the red circle)on the block you will be making.

What this means, is instead of cutting on the diagonal, you will sew on the diagonal. When you do sew might wish to sew ever so slightly to the right - one maybe two threads to the right - gives you just enough more fabric when folding over and pressing to make that block or angle square. After you've sewn your line, you then have the option of cutting away the excess fabric in the back or not. Sometimes you may not want to cut the fabric because it helps to keep the piece square, or to size.

•Once again play with the fabrics. Don't be afraid to rearrange them at all. The pattern shows you 2 color options, but really you can certainly just create your own design all together by switching each unit around with the 3 fabrics.
•Another thing to keep in mind when all these blocks are done and we're putting them together. You could put many of them "on point." Something to think about, though our instructions sadly will not accommodate the quilt we'll ultimately be putting together.

The fabrics we thought we'd put together for this block are:

Pretty wild, eh?!

The free instructions are currently no longer available. At the end of this Mystery Shuffle they will be mad available again.

Ref # SS_Blk25

Mystery Shuffle kit, 1/8 yd each QT19, C1876, MM21 ea $4.75

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