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Olfa Rotary Blades and Cutters
Why are there so many sizes of rotary cutters? As our skills and needs changed, Olfa responded to them.

Which cutter do I need? If you are just getting started, the 45mm (slightly larger than a US silver dollar) is the most versatile. It cuts comfortably and accurately through 8 to 10 layers of fabric, as well as two. For jobs bigger, the 60MM is designed for the job.

In general, use the smallest cutter that will do the job! By doing so you will spend less money on blades, use less energy and preserve your physical well-being. If you use the BIG cutter for a small job, it takes more energy and pressure (contributing to repetitive motion syndrome - RMS). We often see this in quilt shops and worry that customers then think it is the right thing to do. If you wearout or ding a 60MM blade (over $10.00 each) cutting through two layers, just think it could have been a $2.60 blade. On the other hand when you need to cut through more layers, nothing does it with more accuracy and less energy than the BIG cutter.

Over time, collect them all and use the smallest one that will do the job!
(Remember one blade included with cutter! 28MM about size of a US quarter and 18MM the size of a US nickel and great for freehand cutting one layer, i.e. appligue.)

Cutters all look a like, so to choose a fob to personalize yours, Click Here.

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60 MM Olfa Rotary Cutter Each $32.19
60 MM Olfa Rotary Replacement Blade - 1 pack Each $13.49
60 MM Olfa Replacement Blades - 5 Pack Each $57.99
45 MM Olfa Rotary Cutter Each $20.99
45 MM Olfa Replacement Blades - 2 Pack Each $15.49
28 MM Olfa Rotary Cutter Each $15.99
28 MM Olfa Rotary Replacement Blades - 2 Pack Each $8.99
18 MM Olfa Rotary Cutter Each $13.29
18MM Olfa Replacement Blades - 2 Pack Each $7.99

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