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Mesh Transfer Canvas
We are in Love with this product! Eliminates the need to make or purchase quilt design templates or use a light box. We wonder why we didn't think of it! It is a washable, reusable 12" x 16" Mesh Canvas made of a high-tech synthetic. It will allow you to transfer quilt designs the quickest and easiest way we have witnessed yet!! First you trace your design onto the see-thru mesh. Then you place the mesh over your fabric and trace around it as many times as you wish. When through you wipe it off and use it again and again and again.

Only removable when used with correct tracing tools, such as CHACOPEL FINE PENCILS for Fabric Marking from Clover. Actually a pencil type tailor’s chalk. They are easy to remove and good for all fabric marking. Set of 3 pencils (4 colors-white, yellow, blue, pink)and 1 Special Sharpener in a plastic holder for storage.

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Mesh Transfer Canvas Each $9.25
Chacopel Fine Pencils-Set Each $6.90

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