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Block 7
This block is designed by Primitive Gatherings. It consists mostly of Flying Geese and Half Square Triangles. And, since these Mystery Shuffle blocks are only 6" square finished, you can well imagine you will be working with many small pieces.


• You might consider the weight of the thread you should use because in this block you will have many small pieces. The correct thread weight is another way to reduce bulk in the seams by using a thinner/finer thread weight. Keep in mind that the higher the thread weight number the thinner/finer the thread.

For example many like to use 100 weight thread, such as Invisafil or Kimono Silk thread in appliqué because the thread is so fine it will just melt into the appliqué design and add next to no bulk.

However for Block 7, a 100 weight thread might be too fine. So the next consideration would be how much wear and tear this (or any) quilt you're making will receive. Will it be used for more than just lying under, i.e. a Baby/Child quilt? Kids make forts using quilts, wrap themselves up and roll around, carry/drag it around with them wherever they go. Baby quilts might be used to cover the floor they are lying on, and then they grow up and drag it around 😄. There's quite a bit of use, and then they're also thrown into the washing machine, many times. In other words, finer threads usually cannot withstand lots of wear and tear.

So you want something that's not too heavy such as a decorative thread (see the next paragraph). Such as Aurifil thread which is a 50 weight 2-ply 100% cotton thread. Over the years we have come to realize that Aurifil 50 weight thread is a good all around thread for piecing, appliqué (cause of the many colors), and quilting. Mettler is good too. The only difference between Mettler and Aurifil, Mettler is a 3-ply thread so there would be a bit more bulk within the seams even though it is also a 50 weight.

Then for those of you that might wish to embellish any of these blocks you are creating, you might consider using a decorative thread. Decorative threads are used for embellishments or possibly in a raw-edge appliqué design - any time you want the thread to really show. In that case you'd use a heavier weight thread so that it will actually show, such as The Spagetti Thread which is a 12 weight or a Perle Cotton thread - 8 or 12 weight.

• Also, when making many and small pieces, you should also consider your stitch length when piecing on your machine. In this case, smaller stitches are better, i.e. stitch length 2.0 or 14 stitches per inch vs 3.0 9 stitches per inch.

• Since you'll be making lots of triangles, note the Easy Corner Triangles as noted by the pin symbol (as shown below in the red circle) on the block you will be making.

Therefore, instead of cutting on the diagonal, you will sew on the diagonal. When you do sew, you might wish to sew ever so slightly to the right - one maybe two threads to the right - gives you just enough more fabric when folding over and pressing to make that block or angle square. After you've sewn your line, you then have the option of cutting away the excess fabric in the back or not. Sometimes you may not want to cut the fabric because it helps to keep the piece square, or to size.

•Once again, play with the values of the fabric - just find 2 fabrics - a light and a medium or dark, your choice. Since only 2 fabrics are used and depending upon which way you use them, it will be a positive or negative effect. And you have so many different ways to use the color as shown in the directions. The center block of 4 squares could be one color, or not. Your choice.

Here is the FREE download for Block 7.

Ref # SS_Blk7

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