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Miscellaneous Notions

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In this category you will find many interesting and hard-to-find notions and supplies including our White LED Strip Lighting, by EcoluxLighting which can be added to any sewing machine, including Featherweights & Longarms. They are mounted underneath the head of the machine giving maximum light, exactly where it is needed. The more space you have the longer the strip you add to fill the complete area with light. If you don't see the light below, Click Here. Then, scroll down for many other miscellaneous notions and supplies.

6" Wooden Embroidery Hoop
Quality Embroidery Hoops with solid brass closures and smooth round edges.
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Ref # Not_WoodHoop      $2.90 ea         Quantity:  

Heat-N-Bond Ultra Hold - 17" x 1 yd pack
This heavy duty fusible is designed for wearable arts, holiday decorations and home decor projects. We keep it in stock for use with our No Sew Fabric Bags Pattern,
Click Here.

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Ref # Not_HNB      $2.99 each         Quantity:  

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers
We have now heard enough GOOD news about these, we thought we should make them available. Every long arm and machine quilter should give them a try as well as machine thread painters and embroiderers.

The Magic Bobbin Washer eliminates backlash and bird's nests on the underside of free-motion quilting, thread painting or embroidery when changing directions at high speed.

Just drop a Magic Bobbin Washer into the bobbin case. Replace bobbin and instert into the machine. These super slippery teflon washers are tough and durable. Save time - less stopping and starting. We are told they fit bobbin cases in all home machines.

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    Click here to see "M"Size package

Ref # Not_BobWash      $10.95 ea         Quantity:  

Bobbin Saver
Keep your bobbins from scattering and unwinding! This donut shaped bobbin saver is about 5" in diameter and will hold over 20 small or large bobbins.
Made of soft flexible plastic and bright red it will become one of your favorite notions!

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Ref # Not_BobSav      $7.95 ea         Quantity:  

Adjustable Ring Thimble with Plate
Designed for long-running stitches using a long needle or Sachiko. One size fits all.
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Ref # ThimPlate_not      $3.00 ea         Quantity:  

Sulky Totally Stable Iron-On, Tear-Away Stabilizer - 20" x 36" sheet
Totally stabilize virtually any fabric in seconds with no time-consuming pinning. Eliminates annoying shifting, sliding and puckering of fabric. Excess then tears away easily, leaving no sticky residue.
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Ref # Not_Stable      $2.49 ea         Quantity:  

Roxanne Chalk Marking Pencils
Sharp N Cap

Roxanne Chalk Pencils are 100% water soluble chalk, no dyes or wax added, glides smoothly across fabric to produce long-lasting fine lines. Chalk markings can easily removed with a small amount of warm water or a damp cloth. Each package contains Roxanne pencil sharpener, dual holes with plastic cover, two white pencils, two silver pencils and four pencils caps.
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Ref # Not_RoxPencils      $12.40 ea         Quantity:  

Soapstone Refills
Refill pack of Soapstone is available! 5 to each pack.
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Ref # Not_Soapstone      $6.50 ea         Quantity:  

Fray Check
Whether you sew or not, this is a great product to have on hand! It is a liquid seam sealant that prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. It is washable and dry cleanable. 3/4 fluid ounce (22.5ml). Near the completion of a competition quilt, I once snipped the top. I treated the snip with Fray Check and went on to win Best of Show. It is life saver when you need it! Keep it on hand!
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Ref # Not_FrayChk      $5.79 ea         Quantity:  

Fine Line Air Erasable Marking Pen
Unlike all other air erasable marking pens, this pin-point tip marker produces a very fine thin line. "The Fine Line" marking pen makes a bright purple mark, yet the marks will vanish without washing.
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Ref # Not_328Purp      $5.49 ea         Quantity:  

Microbrushes - 25 Pack
Keeping your sewing machine clean is one of the best maintenance habits you can have and what better to do it with than a microfiber brush.

The tiny little microfiber brushes will fit into even the tightest places and clean and lift the lint without leaving residue. Microbrushes bend easily to any angle for placement of small controlled access. Each pack contains 25 brushes so you can always keep a fresh one on hand and share them with others! We know our husbands will find lots of uses for these as well!

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Ref # Not_Microbrush      $4.29 ea         Quantity:  

Bo Nash Iron Shoe
We saw this used at Quilt Market and couldn't wait to bring it home and start using it!

Makes the sole-plate of your iron NEW again! The Ironslide Iron Shoe fites easily over the base of your iron. Made of fiberglass with a non-stick surface - starch and fusibles wipe right off.

Nothing Sticks, Nothing Burns, Fits all irons!

Iron from cotton to silk or denim to lace without waiting for iron to cool. Iron over sequins, puff paint, glitter and motifs without damage. Helps give your sewing that professional look. Eliminates shine - no need for a pressing cloth.

Reversible - can be used on both sides.

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Ref # IronShoe      $15.99 each         Quantity:  

Applique Stiletto
Keep from burning your fingers with this useful appliqué tool. You can use it for turning the seam allowance over templates, hold seam allowance down as you glue or use starch, use it instead of your fingers when ironing, for keeping seams from flipping as you machine sew, and for many other uses.

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Ref # Stiletto      $15.50 ea         Quantity:  

Tiger Tape for Perfect Stitches & More
Tiger Tape has been around quite a while but recently a member introduced us to a new use for it. Her mother-in-law had a stroke and Tiger Tape helped her retrain her brain to sew. Our member has been using it for years, so it was natural for her to think of it. We thought this was information that should be passed around.

We too have had personal experience with it. Having spent most of our quilting lives trying to make our stitches smaller, we discovered when hand-stitching with decorative threads, they needed to be larger and the tape helped us retrain our brain to make them larger. Furthermore, we just laid it where we wanted to stitch and didn’t bother to mark the quilt.

Tiger Tape comes in a number of sizes. First, it is a lined quilter’s tape marked at either 4 or 12 lines per inch to be used as a guide for evenly spaced stitches - 1/4 inch wide. There is also a Flex tape which is great for gentle curves or 1/4" Wide 4 to the inch "Utility" stitching. And lastly, Big Stitch style - 1/4" wide and marked for big stitch - great for using with our Presencia Perle Cotton Size #8 thread. All rolls are 30 yards. Remember, no marking required.

Great for blanket stitching, cross hatching, Flex for cables and feathers. We understand it is often used for teaching children hand-eye coordination learned by sewing.
    4" Actual Size Scan
Ref # TigerTape           
1/4" Wide - 4 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/4" Wide - 12 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/16" Wide - Flex Tape - 12 lines to the inch each $9.45
1/4" Wide - Big Stitch Style ea $9.45
One of Each - 4 Total each $37.00


Story Patches
From, here is a wonderful way to preserve the story of a quilt, the creation of a quilt, the inspiration behind the quilt, or a simple message of love to those receiving the quilt.

It is a patch that you can either sew on or iron-on onto your quilt label. It is a simple QR (quick response) code that the recipient scans with their smartphone, or goes onto their computer input the QR number and view the message you attached.

Truly you don't have to be "tech minded" to do this. If you are already writing messages on your computer, smartphone, digital camera, creating videos, or just recording a voice message - all you do is attach that particular file to this QR code through You either do this by signing up to on your computer or get the App on your smartphone.

For instance let's say you have a quilt that your grandmother did - and you have a story behind it you wish to preserve. Record that story onto your computer or smartphone, either by voice or type it out. Or maybe you can't be at your granddaughter's birthday but you made her a quilt. Again record your message of love either by voice or type the message.

Truly a great way to preserve memories. The 5 min video below provides some additional explanation and shows you how to use it.

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    Here's what a QR Code looks like.
Ref # StoryPatch_           
Story Patches - Iron On ea $2.99
Story Patches - Sew on ea $2.99


Fast2Fuse - 14" x 18" -
This is Double-sided Fusible Stiff interfacing by Fast2Fuse is perfect for postcards, as well as for bowls, boxes, vases and purses, figures and more. We were lucky enough to find these small packs and considering the size of a postcard, they do go far.
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Ref # Not_Fst2Fuse      $6.99 ea         Quantity:  

Handy Nets by Superior Threads
Handy Nets will keep your spools in check! No more tangled spools! Simply stretch one of these little nets around the spool and the threads will remain neatly in place! Perfect for slippery embroidery, rayon or silk threads. Each pack contains 12 nets.
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Ref # Not_HandyNet      $3.60 ea         Quantity:  

22" Decorative Fabric Hanger
Display your Seasonal Silhouette wall hangings on this decorative hanger. Change as often as you like! Hanger comes with wooden dowel. Since this is an oversize item and will not fit into our normal envelopes/boxes - actual shipping cost will apply.
    4" Scan

Ref # Not_22Hanger      $17.99 ea         Quantity:  

12" Welcome Fabric Hanger
Display your Holiday Houses as wall hangings on this decorative hanger. This will hang any wall-hanging 12" wide. Change as often as you like! Hanger comes with wooden dowel.
    4" Scan

Ref # Not_welcome      $13.99 ea         Quantity:  

12" Scroll Fabric Hanger
Display your Holiday Houses as wall hangings on this decorative hanger. This will hang any wall-hanging 12" wide. Change as often as you like! Hanger comes with wooden dowel.
    4" Scan

Ref # Not_scroll      $8.99 ea         Quantity:  

20" Double Scroll Hanger
Display your Garden Patch Cats or even Seasonal Silhouettes as wall hangings on this decorative hanger. This will hang any wall-hanging 20" wide. Change as often as you like!
    4" Scan

Ref # Not_dscroll      $10.89 ea         Quantity:  

Dritz Curved Basting Pins
50 1 1/16" Nickel-Plated curved basting pins. Safe to leave in quilts as they are rust and tarnish proof. The #1 Safety Pins are preferred by Barbara Shapel because they make the smallest hole and can be left in the top longer as they are less in the way when machine quilting than the larger ones. If one use the Kwik Klip they are easy on your fingers to close.

HINT from Barbara Shapel: When you are pinning the quilt sandwich, place the pins randomly rather than in rows. Then, as they are removed it is less likely that a long section will be left loose. Along the edges, every 2" is best. The Ginkgo - 35" x 56" - took about 225 pins approximately every 3".

MAKE IT EASY! Use the Kwik Klip tool for closing the pins.
Click Here.

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Ref # Not_CurvSP      $2.69 Each         Quantity:  

Quick & Easy Block Tool
The ultimate no-math reference guide for quilters! This handy little guide contains instructions for 102 traditional quilt blocks in 5 sizes for each! Great tool for finding a 9" block for that group quilt project or to remember how to cut your favorite block. The guide is set up like a paint sample swatch book, so is easy to mix and match blocks.

We also offer a pocket 3-in-1 Color Tool,
Click Here.

And a handy Beading Buddy Tool,
Click Here.

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    Click here to see tool opened

Ref # Not_BlockTool      $16.95 ea         Quantity:  

Fabric Grips
36 Fabric Grip Dots for placing on the corners of your rulers and templates. These help prevent slipping when marking or using rotary cutters.
    4" Actual Size Scan

Ref # Not_FabGrip      $3.49 each         Quantity:  

Craf-tex Coaster Inserts
From Bosal Foam & Fiber Shapes - coaster inserts. Simply add your favorite fashion fabric to both sides, apply a press cloth and press the entire piece with your iron. Sew bias or simple trim on the edge and you have a great four piece place setting to use yourself or give as a gift. Contains six square coasters.

This is what you'll need for the Fold'n Stitch Holiday Ornaments.

You can get the round coasters only, the square only or a package of each.
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Ref # RdSqCraftex_nt           
Round Craf-tex coasters, 6 to a package ea $6.49
Square Craf-tex coasters, 6 to a package ea $6.49
Package of Round & Square Craf-tex coasters, 6 of each ea $11.49


TrueGrip Grippers for Rulers
The perfect solution for keeping your rulers from slipping on your fabric while cutting! Apply to the back, and voilà! No more slippage. It's true. We use them on all our rulers in the shop too!

For straight, precise cuts, enhance your ruler by adding non-slip TrueGrips! Increases safety and cutting accuracy by preventing slipping. Transparent for easy fabric visibility!

They are also great to use on your appliqué templates, plastic templates or clothing from slipping. Non Slip, Non Scratch adhesive grips that can be applied to any surface. These little rings cling to one surface and prevent slipping.

Can also be great to adhere pictures in picture frames, ceramics or sewing machine foot pedals. And they're reusable.

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Ref # Appligrips      $5.95 ea         Quantity:  

The Applique Pressing Sheet 13"x 17"
The Original by Bear Thread Designs. Use for fusing applique, as a pressing cloth, craft sheet, or ironing board protector. The non-stick fabric sheet is transparent in color, double sided and reusable.

Use when you are fusing fabrics with fusible web or with Bo-Nash Bonding Agent 007 It is a must! We wonder how we lived without one of these. Even as a hand applique person we use it to stack our freezer paper, before making our templates.

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Ref # AppPress      $15.99 ea         Quantity:  

Sewing Machine Flash Drive
How cute is this?!!! This is a Flash Drive! It holds 4GB (gigabytes) of memory. Great to store your PDF patterns and/or embroidery files (depending on space). It's also a great way to transport files for printing if you prefer to have hard copies of your patterns.
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Ref # FlashDr_           
Flash Drive Sewing Machine pink ea $24.99
Flash Drive Sewing Machine lilac ea $24.99
For Mystery Sample Shuffle patterns - Flash Drive Sewing Machine pink ea $25.99
For Mystery Sample Shuffle patterns - Flash Drive Sewing Machine lilac ea $25.99


Fusible Knit - Lightweight Interfacing
Use when working with Silk!

This product is ideal to use as a lightweight interfacing for silk. Mary Jo Hiney highly recommends it, using it to add weight, stability or durability to her projects. It is fusible, 20" wide and comes with instructions.

To see all of our Silk Packets and Projects, Click Here.

It is also good for light and medium weight knits and wovens, crepe de chines, jersey, wool flannels, gaberdines, linens, velours, sweatshirt fleece, synthetic skins, stretchwovens. Use for underlining and soft tailoring. 20" width.


Ref # FusInterface_Clb      $3.99           Quantity:  

Warm Window 1 mm Cord
1 mm cording perfect for piping! Use with the Piping Hot Binding tool for added spark on your borders. Can be purchased in spools of 100 yards or bundles of 20 yards.

Note: In Susan Cleveland instructions for piping, she encourages the use of the Clover Ball Point Awl. If you are buying a book or using her techniques and don't have this tool, it is worth investing. We love it and use it for a seam ripper and will include our instructions when you make the purchase.
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Ref # Not_Cording           
20 Yards Cording for piping ea $6.00
100 Yards Cording for piping ea $26.00
Piping Hot Binding Tool ea $19.95
Clover Ball Point Awl ea $10.25


Angled Tweezers
Angled Tweezers and the micro points are excellent for grabbing the smallest bit of fabric with perfect control. Functions as a stiletto and extension of your fingers. Perfect for curved seam sewing too!

Use it with the Curve Master to hold the last 1/2" or so of the curve seam as it moves through the presser foot.

    4" Actual Size Scan

Ref # Not_TwzG      $10.00 ea         Quantity:  

Roxanne Glue Baste-it
No more hand basting with this incredible appliqué glue. This glue is 100% water soluble, dries in minutes, but holds firmly until you want it loose. Does not feel stiff when dry, and contains no dyes, waxes or harmful chemicals.

This glue comes in various different containers with different types of applicators. Find the one that works best for you. Check out the larger picture to see all the various bottles.

There are:

•1/2-oz. travel bottle
•6-oz. refill bottle
•2-oz. bottle with 2 applicator tips
•1.5 oz bottle with 2-way applicator (2-Way Applicator)
•.12 oz bottle (Dip & Dab), brush like tip
•1 oz. easy squeezie bottle (Squeezie)

To see our extensive Notions Category, Click Here.
    See all the different bottles and applicators
Ref # Not_RoxGlue           
2 oz Roxanne Glue-Baste It with 2 syringe tips ea $11.30
1/2 oz Roxanne Glue-Baste It travel bottle ea $6.00
6 oz Roxanne Glue-Baste-It refill bottle ea $20.85
1.5 oz Roxanne Glue-Baste-It 2-Way Applicator ea $11.45
.12 oz Roxanne Glue-Baste-It Dip & Dab ea $3.25
1 oz Roxanne Glue-Baste-It EZ Squeezie ea $10.75


Fabric Glue Stick
We have tried every one on the market and this one is the best! it glides easily over the fabric! Water soluble, Non-toxic and Acid FREE. Perfect for fabric in every way!!
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Ref # Not_GlueStk      $2.99           Quantity:  

Perfect Ovals, Circles & Stems
Ever since Karen Kay Buckley introduced her set of small Mylar washers, quilters have been begging her for MORE. Now, we not only have the small and large circles, we now have Perfect Ovals and Perfect Stems. If you haven't invested in the smaller ones, you have been missing out of the ease of making perfect circles for applique. Detailed instructions arrive with the heat resistant plastic pieces. This method actually makes you want to make grape clusters. Honest!

First, the original set of Small Perfect Circles - 4 each of 15 sizes - 7/16" to 2" plus a ring for storage. You, too, will have perfect circles every time!

Co-worker Kate is thrilled to have these for her applique work. She says when you gather your thread on something like this you can pull it tight, starch the seam allowance and press it hard for a perfect circle, just like Karen's.

Bigger Perfect Circles can be used for making circular applique pieces or for any circular application. Packet contains 20 acrylic circles that range from 2 1/2" in diameter to 4 1/2" in quarter inch increments.

Then came Perfect Stems. In this package are detailed directions and five different sizes of heat resistant strips. These strips will allow you to make perfect stems that are a little over 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", a little over 1/8" and 1/8" wide.

And, just out, Perfect Ovals. The ovals like all the rest arrive in a zip lock bag. There are 20 - 2 each of 10 different sizes 3/4" to 1 5/8".

To see Karen Kay Buckley's DVD and other products we carry, Click Here & Scroll Down.

    Larger Image
Ref # Not_PerCir           
Bigger Perfect Circle Set ea $14.95
Perfect Circles - Small Set ea $12.95
Set of Perfect Stems ea $12.95
Set of Perfect Ovals ea $11.95
Send all 4 sets - 2 Perfect Circles, Stems and Ovals ea $44.95


Bo Nash Bonding Agent 007
"Your Secret Weapon for fabric repair" is the motto but we use this for so many other things. Bo-Nash Bonding Agent is used to apply embellisments, create fantasy fabrics, add 3-D depth to fabric and for foiling. Bo-Nash can also be used to repair fabrics without sewing. You can even hem with it! You do need a non-stick pressing sheet for this process.

The Starter Kit includes 1 oz of bonding agent and a 9" x 12" pressing sheet. The Refill contains 2 oz of bonding agent. A larger pressing sheet can be purchased separately for large projects.
    Larger Image
Ref # BoNash           
Bo-Nash Bonding Agent Starter Kit ea $15.99
Bo-Nash Bonding Agent Refill ea $9.95
Large 13" x 17" Applique Pressing Sheet ea $14.99
Small 9" x 10" Angelina Sheet ea $6.99


120" Tape Measure
As a quilter, when you need it, this is an invaluable tool. Most tape measures are not this long. This one is extra wide with large type and metal ends. Make sure your quilting friends have one too!
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Ref # Not_120Tape      $3.99 ea         Quantity:  

Fingerthing from Sew E-Z
Here is an item we think will help you from catching your finger in your sewing machine as you try to sew those small squares together. Or maybe you're trying to iron down your 1/4 allowance on an appliqué piece, again this might help you not have your finger get in the way and burned. It may even be handy to use while you're sewing on your appliqué pieces, especially if you like to do needle turn.

This multi-purpose tool can be used for aligning corner seams; positioning fabric as it moves through your sewing machine; and much more. It can be worn on the index or middle finger of either hand. Just squeeze or spread the tool to adjust for a custom fit.

I know I'm going to try it.

    Larger Image
    See one way to use this.

Ref # not_finthg      $9.95 ea         Quantity:  

Extendable Magnetic LED LIght or Lighted Pin Picker Upper
Illuminate those dark, hard to reach areas. This little tool has 8 lbs. pick up capacity and extends to 28". Cushion grip handle to prevent slipping. Turn head to activate.

When these tools first arrived they flew out the door as little gifts for our husbands. What man doesn't like a new tool? Order one for him and one for your sewing room. It is so much easier than bending over to pick up those spilled pins! The little light on the ends makes finding anything easier!
(We got a better picture using 3, but if you order 1, you will receive only 1 tool.)

    Larger Image

Ref # LPU      $8.95 Each         Quantity:  

Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook - No 14. (0.5mm)
Long Arm Quilters - here is a tool you need! This tool can be used:
-To hide broken stitches by placing it between the layers and pulling the
threads into the inner layers of fabrics.
-In tight corners or curves of the designs to remove skipped stitches or correct an error in stitching of the design.
-Use as a stiletto to hold the threads when starting a row of stitches.
The very small size of the tip makes it easy to use!

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_CrochetHk      $7.95 ea         Quantity:  

Jumbo Wonder Clips
If you've been loving the smaller red Wonder Clips, you'll understand the need and now the longing for these larger Jumbo Clips.

These clips open wide to hold several layers of fabric. They're a great alternative to pins. And it's great to use for many of your craft projects.

Clip and hold, clip and sew right where you need it. Opens wide for multiple layers, won't damage or distort fabric. Clip base is flat for easy feeding to presser foot. Clip is 2-1/4in long and is marked with 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" seam allowances.

There are 24 clips in each package.
    Larger Image
    View a larger image of one.
Ref # not_JumWonCl           
Jumbo Wonder Clips, package of 24 ea $24.95
(Smaller/Red) Wonder Clips, package of 10 ea $6.95
(Smaller/Red) Wonder Clips, package of 50 ea $32.95


Grabaroo Gloves - Handy Finger Friends
Add grib and smooth transition to your machine quilting by wearing gloves with grippers. Although the packaging says you can protect your hands from pin pricks, scissor cuts and even everyday germs with this Handy Finger Friends, quilters want them for machine quilting! Keep your hands cool and comfortable with these snug fitting Grabaroo's. You'll never want to take them off! Fits over most rings without snagging. Machine washable - 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex.

We offer them in Small Size 7 and Medium Size 8.
    Larger Image
Ref # Not_Grabaroo           
Size 7 Small Grabaroos - 3 Left ea $9.99


Go Board Portable Ironing Board
Special Order

This lightweight compact ironing board is great for tabletop ironing. It folds in half to allow easy storage or traveling capability. Includes 6" x 9" Iron Caddy and folding legs. Perfect for sewing classes, dorm room, RV's and other small areas.


**UNFOLDED: 32" L x 12" W x 8.5" H

**FOLDED: 16" L x 12" W x 3" H

**WEIGHT: 4 lbs

This is a special order item - please allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery. Additionally they come in a variety of colors when sent to us - so it is a surprise to us as it will be to you as to what color might arrive.

Also due to the size of this item, this will be sent via UPS which means shipping will be a UPS shipping cost.

    Larger Image

Ref # Not_IronBrd      $42.99 ea         Quantity:  

Supreme Slider- NOW 2 sizes
Yes, you can! Machine quilting made EASY with Supreme Slider! The Supreme Slider is a patented Zero Friction product and is guaranteed. When free-motion quilting on your home sewing machine, you need a very slippery surface in which to move your quilt through. The Supreme Slider is just that product.

It is dual layered. The underside sticks to your machine and the topside is the most slippery surface around! Your quilt will slide like water off a duck. It makes the dreaded drag disappear. Fits any machine and can be trimmed with scissors. Now, a larger version - The Queen Size Supreme Slider - is available by Special Order. Should only take about 10 days.

Successful machine quilting in 3 easy steps!
•Attach the free-motion or darning foot to your machine
•Lower the feed dogs
•Position the Supreme Slider on your machine bed with the needle centered in punched hole.

Try the free quilting designs included, experiment with new threads, try free-motion or thread painting!

Our favorite threads for quilting include the YLI Variations,
Click Here.
    Larger Image
    Click here to see on the machine.
Ref # Not_SupSlide           
Original Supreme Slider 8" x 11" ea $33.95
Special Order - Queen Sized Supreme Slider 11 1/2" x 17" ea $74.00


Leaf-It Finger Dots
A great notion to give your fingers the traction you sometimes need when working with fabrics. Creates great grip for moving a needle through your fabric. Each package contains 60 dots.

    Larger Image

Ref # LeafIt      $6.05 ea         Quantity:  

Mirror Tiles
Two 4x5" mirrored acrylic tiles joined so they will sit on fabric. These are great to use when thinking about doing some sort of kaleidoscope quilt. Move it across and around the fabric and see what happens.

They allow you to see a motif repeated and give you an idea of what the center of your block will look like. It is hard to photograph mirrors so we set them on this fabric. Hopefully, you it gives the visual idea of its use. For storage, the mirrors lay flat.

Take a look at the video to see how you would use these mirrors - fun arent' they?!

    Larger Image

Ref # MirrorTiles      $11.29 ea         Quantity:  

Wonder Clips - For Binding and More
Clover Needlecraft with the usual innovative design and quality that we expect from this company has designed a handy new clip. These are ideal for using when binding a quilt by hand or machine. Very strong and the flat back makes it glide easily over the sewing machine bed. It will be handy whenever you need a second hand and don't want to distort the fabric by using a strong pin. 10 to a package.

The clip opens to 1/2" wide and is strong enough to hold multiple layers of fabric. Sergers are loving these too. Holds layered section of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping too. The red color makes them easy to see on your work and when dropped or misplaced. Comes in 2 package sizes - 10 clips/package or 50 clips/package.

As time goes on we know we will find many other uses for Wonder Clips! Also availabe, a Jumbo Wonder Clips that is useful for holding several layers of fabric, or other projects you might be working on.

We carry a wide selection of notions and supplies. To see more, Click Here.
    Larger Image
    Click here to see it in use.
Ref # Not_WonderClp           
Red Wonder Clips, package of 10 ea $6.95
Multi-color Wonder Clips, package of 10 ea $6.95
Red Wonder Clips, package of 50 ea $32.95
Jumbo Wonder Clips, package of 24 ea $24.95


Curve Master Presser Foot
Like the look of Drunkard’s Path, Double Wedding Ring or Grandmother’s Fan but worried about all those curves? The Curve Master provides automatic easing of curves, eliminating the need for making center points of curved pieces. Includes adapters to fit foot to most any make sewing machine. Also available is a 5/8" foot which is perfect for sewing inset sleeves of a garment.

This will clip on to your machine or screw on using one of the adapters. The snap on foot comes with 6 different shanks, so fits most machines - Bernina, Pfaff, Singer Featherweight, Brother, Kenmore, Viking, Husqvarna, Janome, New home, Elna, Baby Lock, Necchi, White and Juki. If you have more than, one you will be able to move it from one machine to another, share it or loan it to a friend.

We finally saw it used and tried it. It is magic!! Even as first time users we could be successful. For the last 1/2” of seam, one does need the tweezers to guide it up to and through the foot. Now you can sew with ease all the curved seam quilts you have been waiting to make!

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    Curved Tweezers 4" long
Ref # Not_CurvMstr_           
Curve Master Presser Foot Each $29.99
Both Curve Master & Angled Tweezers Each $38.94
Angled Tweezers only Each $10.00


Bo Nash Bonding Agent 007
"Your Secret Weapon for fabric repair" is the motto but we use this for so many other things. Bo-Nash Bonding Agent is used to apply embellisments, create fantasy fabrics, add 3-D depth to fabric and for foiling. Bo-Nash can also be used to repair fabrics without sewing. You can even hem with it! You do need a non-stick pressing sheet for this process.

Imagine layering the large florals from Hoffman 64 to create a 3-D masterpiece! For added embellishment, add sparkle with Angelina!

The Starter Kit includes 1 oz of bonding agent and a 9" x 12" pressing sheet. The Refill contains 2 oz of bonding agent. A larger pressing sheet can be purchased separately for large projects.
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Ref # BoNash_H64           
Bo-Nash Bonding Agent Starter Kit ea $15.99
Bo_Nash Bonding Agent Refill ea $9.95
Large 13" x 17" Applique Pressing Sheet ea $14.99


Bo Nash Iron Clean

The easy way to clean your iron’s surface!

IRON CLEAN Your Secret Weapon for Removing: • Fusibles • Facings • Sticky Residues ….. Just wipe your hot iron over the cleaning cloth with a paper towel or rag underneath

The more you wipe the more your remove

**Fast, easy, no unpleasant smell

**Each cloth is reusable several times

**You get 10 reusable cleaning clothes per package

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Ref # Not_IronCln      $4.30 ea         Quantity:  

Stiff Stuff Interfacing
A brand new product from Sew Lazy by Lazy Girl Designs. This is a firm, very flexible, sew-in, non-woven support for small/medium bags, placemats, etc. Soft enough to to turn project right sides out. It is 100% polyester, machine wash, dry low.

What is so unique and wonderful about this interfacing is it bounces back to life if you bend, fold and crumple your bag or purse, unlike some other products out there. It is washable with no shrinkage. Also as both Kate & Carol pointed out - it would be great interfacing for machine embroidery.

It is an ideal blend of being both firm and flexible, allowing for ease of construction while adding structure to a variety of projects - purses, accessories, home decor and costume projects.

It has memory or bounce-back, and retains its shape. It can be easily sewn through and lies flat in the seam allowance when pressed oopen.

POSTAGE - This product requires additional postage because it requires special packaging. We will charge actual postage only. Therefore when you order this item with or without additional items, the postage shown as you check out will change to actual. For US/Domestic only shipping, postage will not exceed $18.75.

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Ref # Not_StfStf      $5.29 yd         Quantity:  

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