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Block 17

Here is our first appliqué block. This is designed by Jan Patek Quilts. There are only a couple of them so for those that are not appliquérs don't worry, they're simple and easy to do. And if you really don't want to do it at all - then take one of the previous blocks you've already made and do it again - maybe swapping out the color values.

For those that may never have appliqued, this is really easy. There are no tight corners/angles to cut or sew (whether by hand or machine), and not a lot of layers either. So now is as good a time as any to learn.

Tips/Tricks for beginners:

•First - very important - when you do put your appliqué pieces onto your 6 1/2" square - be sure that you place the bird and surrounding stars on point! Just like the picture. This is critical - unless of course you do want one block to be out of sync in your quilt - which is also fine if you like that sort of thing ;)
•On the pattern instructions you'll see you've been provided templates of the star and the bird. These are actual sizes of your pieces. Whether you prefer machine appliqué, raw edge appliqué or needle turn appliqué, you will need to trace these templates directly onto a fusible web, mylar plastic or freezer paper before placing them onto your fabric and cutting.
•Keep in mind before you cut your fabric pieces - if you are turning under the edges either with glue, starch or needle - the templates do not include seam allowance. Therefore when cutting out your fabric piece be sure to cut 1/4" further out from the edge of the template.
•One of our favorite appliqué designers is Karen Kay Buckley and she has developed quite a number of tools that you may find useful. What we especially love are her Perfect scissors. Her scissor blades are micro-serrated so it will hold onto your fabric well and cut those precise tight corners and circles.
•There are so many tools and notions - check out our Appliqué Notions page - find products such as Roxanne's glue, one of our favorite are the 4-piece Stiletto tools, or how about a mini iron.

Surprise, surprise - we're not offering a kit for this particular block because the shipping would be more than the fabric. What you'll want to find in your stash is a 6 1/2" square of a lightish neutral fabric - a beige or white - is recommended - but hey, be different and use a dark neutral. Then search your staff for the appliqué pieces. You won't need more than a 5" square (for the bird) and smaller for the wing and stars. Only 2 colors are used in the picture, but if you want different colors for the stars, or whatever, go for it. If you used a light neutral for the background, then find some medium or dark prints for the appliqué. If you used a dark neutral then be sure to use lights for the appliqué.

At this time the pattern instructions are unavailable. They will be made available again when this program is completely over. Never fear.

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