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Block 15
Block 15 of the Mystery Shuffle is designed by Janet Clare Designs (she's one of my favorite fabric designers).

First, if you don't use the fabrics we suggest for our Block 2 kit, then be sure to pull out of your own stash a dark, medium and light piece. What can be fun with any of these blocks is playing around with the different fabric values. Put them one way - you get one look. Put them a different way and look how the block changes. Again, it doesn't matter. Make the block the way you want it to look.

So this is a great opportunity for you to pay attention to your strip cutting. When you cut is your fabric edge on the inside or outside, or right on the line on the ruler? It doesn't matter, but the key here is to stay consistent throughout this whole quilt. The other key is to use the same ruler because sadly there can be variations in the markings between different brands.

The same applies when sewing your 1/4" seam - do you consistently place your fabric on the inside, outside or right on the line marking on your machine. Again, it doesn't matter, just be consistent.

Also pay attention to your pressing. Generally the standard rule of thumb is to press both seams to the darker fabric. However if you are going to have many seams come together, you may wish to press your seam open. That helps to reduce the overall bulk.

Here are some suggested tools:

• This is one of my favorite tools. It lives on my machine to help me sew a straight line. I truly can't live without it - Sew Straight. And for Block 5 this would be invaluable.
• Or you might like to use the Qtools Sewing Edge. These are acrylic strips that you can lay right onto your sewing machine. The strip is thick enough so that you can guide your fabric through without it slipping over the edge. This again should help with seam allowance accuracy.

The fabrics we've selected for the Block 15 kit are:

At this time the pattern instructions are unavailable. They will be made available again when this program is completely over. Never fear.

Ref # SS_Blk15

Mystery Shuffle Block 15 Fabric kit, MG04/B60/B89 1/8 yd each ea $4.70
Sew Straight ea $8.95
Qtools Sewing Edge ea $8.95

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