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by Paula Nadelstern

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Paula Nadelstern's line - Fabracadabra! The colors are bright. This collection contains a Panel - Three-of-A-Kind - that has 3 different 10" motifs (2 of each). And three prima donnas, bilaterally symmetrical designs - Cascade, Tangles and Wings. Be sure to click on the links that will give you a larger view of the fabric. The complexity and detail of these designs are amazing!

Stained Glass
Fabric Medley
Oooohhh - we're just drooling over this new line from Paula Nadelstern for Benartex. This line truly does look like a stained glass. The repeat both along the length of the selvage and from selvage to selvage is 12".

This is not considered a prima donna fabric (because it is not bilaterally symmetrical) but could be used as an accent to the Fabracadabra Collection.

Check out all the new Stained Glass colors.

You might also want to check out Paula Nadelstern's newest "reads like-a-solid collection" Ruffles.

There are a currently 10 different color ways of the Stained Glass Collection remaining.
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Ref # StGl_FP           
All 6 Stained Glass Fat Quarter Pack ea $17.70
All 6 Stained Glass 1/3 Pack ea $21.95
All 6 Stained Glass Half Yard Pack ea $31.65
All 6 Stained Glass Yard Pack ea $61.95


K393b Tangles Olive
JUST FOUND!! Lost and found within the Benartex warehouse. We have this particular fabric color way exclusively. Well Paula and ourselves :) And as a result we got this piece at a fabulous price which we're passing onto you!

Tangles is the appropriate name to this fabric. It is lovely and complex design. Paula told me to enlarge it so that I could see it's detailed complexity. I did. She was right - stupendous. So you should too -- click on the detailed image link below the picture to see just how wonderful it really is.

This bilaterally symmetrical and tightly woven design has a 9" repeat along the length of the selvage. And from selvage to selvage, the repeat is 12". So a 3/4 yard should be fine to give you an 8 repeat minimum.

You might also want to check out her 2 other NEW lines - Stained Glass and Ruffles.

*Fat Quarters are at Special Request only and we will add an additional 10% to the cost.

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    See a larger view of this fabric.

Ref # K393b      $8.10 yd         Quantity:  

Ruffles Fabric Medley
This is Paula Nadelstern's "reads-like-a-solid" fabric collection. There are 16 different color ways in this line.

Paula is not one to use a flat color of fabric and is always looking to create something a bit different - in this tonal line, she has created both depth and movement.

This fabric collection might also be great to use in a modern quilt. Lots of colors to choose and use. Check out all the Ruffles colors.

Be sure to check out Paula Nadelstern's other two new collections - Fabracadabra, this is her new collection of prima donnas; and Stained Glass is her newest and colorful accent.
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Ref # Ruf_Fp           
All 16 Ruffles at once (RU02-RU18)as a fat quarter pack ea $47.29
All 16 Ruffles at once (RU02-RU18) as a half yard pack ea $84.40
All 16 Ruffles at once (RU02-RU18) as a yard pack ea $165.20


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