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Beautiful Backgrounds

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We have many wonderful light and neutral cotton fabrics to use as background blocks in appliques and other patterns.

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MD45 Vanilla Checks

C1813 Where's Anuket?
29" Left

C1814 Hieroglyphs

MD24 Paper Eggshell

MS253 Marbella Ivory
15" Left!

C1864 Rambling Rose Leaves - Rose

C1848 Paper Geometry

MD12 Pearls of the Sea

SU24 Vanilla Suede

SU26 Eggshell Suede

SEP08 Beige Ironwork

NE03 Beige Basket Weave

NE3 Beige Basket Weave

NE50 Floral Vine Space

NE51 Sprig

NE52 Fruit

Botanicals Quilt Kit

CW26 Impressions Moire Rich Cream

MG160 Cream

RK153 Sand Fusions Mist

KM184 Lumina Diamonds

MG278 Gris

MD03 Rambling Rose Leaves - Rain

MD04 Rambling Rose Leaves - Dove

MD34 Crackle Ivory

NE12 Neutral Shirting

NE19 White on White Leaf Vine
16" Left!

NE20 White on White Curly Fleur

NE25 Butter Churn Poppy

NE26 Butter Churn Seed

MD41 Patchwork Garden Bee Hive Tan

NT64 Essence Natural

NT79 Essence Maple

Neutrals Fabric Packet

NE41 Color Blends Vanilla

NE41 Color Blends Vanilla - FAT QUARTER

NE42 Temptations Straw

NE53 Checker Wave

NE54 Prairie Flowers

NE55 Chex Confetti

NE56 Circling Stars

FN80 Pastel Almonds

FN90 Powder Blue

RJR129 Pocketful of Daisies Mint


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